• Gold: 1,515.34 -0.73
  • Silver: 17.96 0.01
  • Euro: 1.101 -0.001
  • USDX: 98.513 0.267
  • Oil: 58.45 -0.28

Live Silver

Bid|Ask 17.96 18.03
Low|High 17.75 17.98
Change 0.01  0.06% 
Sep 20, 2019 16:59:56 EST
1 mo +0.827 +4.83%
1 yr +3.6269 +25.31%
Low|High 13.89 19.65

Live Gold

Bid|Ask 1,515.34 1,517.32
Low|High 1,498.38 1,517.07
Change -0.73  -0.05% 
Sep 20, 2019 16:59:58 EST
1 mo +9.12 +0.61%
1 yr +307.89 +25.5%
Low|High 1,180.77 1,557.06

Gold-Silver Ratio

Bid|Ask 84.06 84.50
Low|High 83.76 84.75
Change -0.153  -0.18% 
Sep 20, 2019 17:00:00 EST
1 mo -3.8441 -4.37%
1 yr -0.1492 -0.18%
Low|High 78.88 93.44

Silver Edition


SilverCOTReport, September 20, 3:19 pm

COT Silver Report - September 20, 2019.

Theodore Butler, September 19, 10:27 am

By now, it would have been hard not to have read about the Justice Department’s landmark criminal indictments against three additional precious metals traders from JPMorgan. Two of the traders charged are current employees and include the head of global metals trading. The charges involve spoofing and market manipulation that extend back for nearly a decade. In a very serious turn, the Justice Department invoked the Racketeering and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) and referred to the pattern of wrongdoing at JPMorgan as that of a criminal enterprise. I am grateful that the new charges validate virtually everything I have alleged about JPMorgan for more than ten years to the point where a subscriber quipped that the DOJ was plagiarizing my work.

Keith Weiner, September 16, 10:15 am

Was the attack on Saudi oil foreseen by market participants over a month ago? We doubt it (though we don’t know). But what seems clear is that the marginal market participant sees rising risks to be in the dollar, and is choosing to own metal. And at the current gold-silver ratio, the choice at the margin has been to hold silver. In addition to the growing risks of the irredeemable currencies, there is the problem of negative interest rates. Savers may be disenfranchised—i.e. unable to affect the interest rate—but they can dump the paper altogether in exchange for gold and silver.

Gary Savage, September 15, 11:07 pm

These (silver) moves go down usually as fast as they go up. But now silver is getting ready for a bounce:

SilverCOTReport, September 13, 3:16 pm

COT Silver Report - September 13, 2019.

Theodore Butler, September 11, 9:46 pm

Q: Any signs of a silver shortage? A: Sure, everywhere you look, starting with the silver ETFs which are suddenly not getting timely physical deliveries when due. It comes down to whether JPMorgan will let go of some of its physical stockpile.

SRSrocco, September 10, 7:58 pm

While I have no doubt there is an intervention in the precious metals markets, we must remember that the Fed and central banks are manipulating the ENTIRE MARKET with money printing, bond purchases, debt issuance, and zero (or negative) interest rates. However, the current price of gold and silver, even with the supposed market rigging, are still priced higher than their overall average production cost.

SilverCOTReport, September 6, 3:21 pm

COT Silver Report - September 06, 2019.

SRSrocco, September 4, 3:10 pm

As the silver price began to take off in July, Indian silver imports surged three-fold versus the same period last year. Something must have motivated the Indians to import more silver because the summer months haven’t typically been a strong buying season. However, one factor that may have caused the huge increase of Indian silver demand in July may have been due to the big jump in the gold price.

Hubert Moolman, September 4, 9:30 am

We are coming into the traditional season for intense silver rallies. With silver recently making a really important breakout, things are setting up for a memorable period in the silver markets. Furthermore, the decision to buy silver for the long-term is basically a no-brainer given that the Gold/Silver ratio is still around 80...

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