• Gold: 1,417.11 0.04
  • Silver: 16.37 -0.02
  • Euro: 1.115 0.000
  • USDX: 97.705 0.323
  • Oil: 57.19 0.96

Live Silver

Bid|Ask 16.37 16.37
Low|High 16.18 16.54
Change -0.03  -0.15% 
Jul 23, 2019 19:26:25 EST
1 mo +1.061 +6.93%
1 yr +0.986 +6.41%
Low|High 13.89 16.59

Live Gold

Bid|Ask 1,417.07 1,417.19
Low|High 1,414.24 1,430.19
Change 0.00  -0.47% 
Jul 23, 2019 19:26:25 EST
1 mo +17.86 +1.28%
1 yr +192.8 +15.75%
Low|High 1,160.27 1,452.93

Gold-Silver Ratio

Bid|Ask 86.55 86.58
Low|High 86.23 87.53
Change -0.5836  -0.67% 
Jul 23, 2019 19:26:27 EST
1 mo -4.4321 -4.87%
1 yr +7.0007 +8.8%
Low|High 78.28 93.44

Silver Edition


Gary Savage, July 23, 8:01 am

While I think we are entering an inflationary phase and during an inflation everything tends to go up together (at least during the initial and middle phase of the inflation) there are two sectors in particular that I think have absolutely mind boggling potential over the next 5-10 years. Silver maybe more than anything is a time bomb waiting to explode. You rarely get a prettier (and longer) basing phase than this one..

SRSrocco, July 22, 12:13 pm

As the silver price continues to break out of its lows, two of the top primary mining companies are experiencing major production declines in the first half of the year. Mexico’s Fresnillo PLC and Peru’s Buenaventura’s top primary silver mines saw a significant decrease in production due to either falling ore grades, decreased volumes of processed ore, poor weather, or labor strikes.

Gary Christenson, July 22, 11:54 am

As of July 5, the gold to silver ratio stood at 93, the highest since 1993. This ratio is not a precise timing indicator, but high ratios have always indicated major bottoms in both metals. While low silver prices anger some investors, the wise are buying. The stock market since 2009 has rallied based on near-zero interest rates, huge stock buybacks benefiting management, media hype, and trillions of new corporate, government and individual debt. It might rally further, but a risk to reward analysis suggests a high risk and low potential reward for the over-valued stock market in 2019. Silver is in the opposite position. Prices have fallen for eight years and built a five-year base. Expect much higher prices in late 2019 and 2020.

Frank Holmes, US Funds, July 22, 11:06 am

The best performing metal this week was silver, up 6.40 percent on perhaps a paradigm shift as the investors poured $133 million into silver bullion ETFs on Wednesday, the single biggest inflow in six and a half years. The weekly Bloomberg survey of gold traders and analysts shows that most are bullish on the yellow metal as prices broke through a five-year high and touched $1,453 per ounce on Friday morning. Traders seem to be set on an interest rate cut from the Federal Reserve this month, which is helping gold, even as some better-than-expected economic data was released on Tuesday. Turkey, which often sells its gold, saw its reserves rise by $71 million this week compared to last.

Clive Maund, July 22, 5:49 am

Some weeks back we had correctly surmised that gold’s gathering strength would rub off on silver and cause it to start catching up, so we bought a range of silver ETFs and stocks, a move which has paid off well as they have spiked quite dramatically in the recent past. Starting with silver’s 10-year chart, we can see that its presumed giant Double Bottom is starting to look more and more like the genuine article, with the price starting to advance away from the 2nd low of the pattern.

Avi Gilburt , July 22, 1:14 am

SilverCOTReport, July 19, 3:17 pm

COT Silver Report - July 19, 2019.

Gary Tanashian, NFTRH, July 19, 9:45 am

While many are talking about major new bull markets in gold, silver and the miners I find it safer to set realistic goals within a still very bullish outlook. After all, we became bullish in November, had to retrench due to over-bullish sentiment and fading fundamentals in February (both situations linked here) and then have been back in the bull seat since the gold stock launch as noted on June 3rd. The point being, I have nothing to prove to you; nothing to woo you and tempt your greed impulse about. NFTRH has simply called the sector in line with its fundamentals and technicals, and that is what we continue to do as of this day. We chart 20 quality miners (+/-) each week and note short-term targets, resistance, etc. for the miners, gold and silver routinely.

Avi Gilburt, July 19, 8:59 am

Well, as I think about it, I am starting to understand the shock if you had been reading what everyone has been writing about silver. Whereas the rest of the complex has already moved strongly higher, silver has been significantly lagging. And, I have been hearing one excuse after another as to why it is lagging, such as silver “has been acting as an industrial metal.”. But, last I looked, the economy was humming along. So, why would an industrial metal be lagging? Moreover, it certainly did not act like an industrial metal on Tuesday.

Peter Spina / MarketWatch, July 18, 2:25 pm

"He said gold and silver investors have not missed much of this rally, though in the short term the rally may be overextended when it comes to some miners. Over the coming months and year, however, Spina believes he sees “one of the best risk/reward [opportunities] in the gold/silver sector since I started buying juniors as a teenager, some 25-[plus] years ago.”

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